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Who We Are

NSAIIA (North Star Advanced Information and Intelligence Applications) International Inc. is a Canadian company, specialized in software engineering and the development of advanced multidisciplinary collaborative solutions focus to streamline operational management and decision-making processes in real time.

What We Do

We provide solutions to optimize processes, increase ROI, and manage information in order to plan, implement, prepare, act, maintain and improve the process by coalescing projects, tasks, assignments, clients, providers, resources and equipment into a single-hub, and coordinating the efforts of agencies, organizations and resources as they work together.


Our Story

We believe that the volume of information grows day-by-day in all organizations, and unfortunately, digital files can easily be lost, or duplicated, lowering operational productivity and driving to information chaos. With this in mind, we have created a state-of-the-art platform to grow businesses and position our customers at the top level to manage digital workplaces, helping them to keep work flowing, adapting to new business requirements, and achieving extraordinary results.


We provide everything they need to get work done collaborating efficiently and improving business productivity and agility with a unified strategy.


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