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Montly Subscription (Billed yearly)


  • Link documents to specific resources
  • Inline Editor to create your own templates online
  • Special role permissions per file and folder
  • Stay protected user authentication and role access control
  • Cloud Storage Capacity 10GB
  • Monitor and control documents
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • User group management as per classification level
  • Limit access to documents based on classification level
  • Centralize user management policies, team content and procedures
  • Set permissions by folder (to create, to view, to edit, to delete)
  • File locking
  • Leverage interoperability - Securely share and exchange sensitive data with other agencies and organization
  • Priority email support


Price Options
Forward Standard
Annual Subscription
C$6.99every month for 12 months

    Optimal Searches & Increased Efficiency.

    Link files, contacts, resources, and associate other files among each other.

    Centralized and secured files 24/7.

    Up to 3 permission security classification levels.

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