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Everything you need to get

work done.

A comprehensive and secure cloud tasks management solution for efficient business governance.

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You’ll get a precise view of your team, projects, clients, suppliers and much more.

Get an outlook of every single assignment across your entire team force in any mode you want. Advanced filters, metadata, and log books, manage all tasks with a multi-disciplinary solution!


From confusion to clarity.
Start your day being in control.

Forward gives you the tools to be on top of everything with confidence, that everyone and everything’s is working as per business requirements, so you can move forward and make progress on the most important things to you.

Never lose track of an important task.


All in One Place.
You’ll no longer have to use detached apps.

Dashboards, Kanban, Calendar, Contacts, Resources, Notes, Documents, Conversations, all in one place.


Decide who can create, edit, modify, download from one single place.


Share with everyone & protect your files.

Add an additional superior level of permissions and exceptions

Add additional levels of security with a classification level to an individual, a group or an entire organization to protect your most sensitive data. 

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Everyone knows what to do next. Everyone can work together!

Improve business productivity and agility by providing greater access to information. Build a sound foundation for sharing, securing and processing content throughout all your organizations and domains while reinforcing governance and compliance.


The world’s most powerful
Docs Library

Manage files, folders, build internal or external docs, templates, knowledge bases, link docs and templates to specific contact, create notes, conversations and more with Forward Docs. 


Work Smarter, More Securely 

Positioned for the current digital workplace.

The content is the fuel that moves enterprises. It is crucial that personnel can find the right information quickly, so they can get work done without compromising efficiency.

As more people work from home, companies need to adapt certain components of their business to remote work. We provide the solution to grow your business.


Regulatory Compliance.
Manage Sensitive Information

Ensure compliance, improve communication between teams and leverage governance initiatives by securely managing content and security, while reducing costs.

Files and folders are protected according to their security classification (unclassified, restricted, confidential, secret, top secret) to add a layer of security around sensitive data.

Staff Meeting

Make Things Happen.
Everywhere you are.

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